This is a guide for creating your character page.


  • Start off on your character page by giving us a one sentence summary of your character at the top of the page.
    • EX: "Insert Character Name Here" is a pirate that is from Syrup Village and is apart of the Gummy Bear pirate crew.
  • To give the reader a feel of you and let them know who you are better write about your personality and appearance,
  • After you do that you add an equipment section for your character page so it states what equipment you have.
  • Now begin to add your abilities and powers in a section on your character page and remember not for them to be to overpower or you won't get legalized.
  • If you have a devil fruit add it in a section of your character page.
  • You can add some pictures to let the reader see a good depiction of you and some of your attacks.
  • Do not forget to add the Char Page template.
  • Example Page: Bredrum Haran
  • If you have a Devil Fruit please add it in it's own section.

Rules on PicturesEdit

The appearance of your character cannot look exactly like someone from another anime(unless fan art). They must have something edited on to them like a mustache, scar, tattoo, different eye color, different hair color, etc.